The Quarry
Our ancestors used rocks in many ways. In the beginning, they built simple shelters, later on magnificent palace of marble, temples, and pyramids.

Even at that time the material was transported over long distances. Besides these exceptions, rock played a more or less regional role, partly due to the difficulties of transportation and partly due to small market for stone.

Today there are no boundaries for the trade and commercialization of stone.

Stone has always been subjekt to fashion trendes concerning color and structure, so there is a constant search throughout the world for new kinds of stone which has had much success.

Important, however, is the stone`s economic potencial , like marketability, profitability and technical qualities.

Our work begins right here with the selection of healty raw material. Every quarry produces blocks of variable quality. There are very small blocks or blocks in which inclusions or cracks can be clearly seen . Of course, there are also blocks with coloring atypical for the type of rock.

The selection of the blocks, of course, means to do it with the use in mind:

- Match the size of the blocks with the future product
- Minimize the blend
- Reduce costs

Quarries in India with a wide variety of rock
Traditional quarrying in Carrara,Italy: There are still 140 active mines in Italy

Marble quarrying in Portugal: Typical are the basin shaped quarries which are up to 20 meters deep

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